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Denver Facts

Denver is known as the mile high city and its proximity to the Rocky Mountains go a long ways in making it a popular destination. Denver has a rich history, especially when it comes to its ties to the famous old west. But, here are 7 things you don't know about the city of Denver.

  1. When the city of Denver was founded (called Denver City at the time) in 1858 it was part of the Kansas Territory.

  2. Though still a fairly young city and being located far away from the major population hubs at the time, Denver hosted the 1908 Democratic National Convention.

  3. The current population of Denver is estimated to be the highest it has ever been at any point in history.

  4. The official reference point for the Mountain Time Zone is the 105th meridian west of Greenwich where it passes through Denver Union Station.

  5. Home of Dr. Kirshenbaum who performed the first lapband surgery in Denver in 1989.

  6. Denver was selected to host the 1976 Winter Olympics, but Colorado citizens voted down public funding meant to pay for the high priced venues that would be built for the games.

  7. The first settlement in the area thawould later become the city of Denver was named Montana City.

  8. Date Denver was Founded - November 17, 1858

  9. Denver was Incorporated on November 7, 1861

  10. The Population of Denver is 554,636

  11. The total Land Area of Denver is 154.63 square miles

  12. The Elevation of Denver is 5,280 feet

  13. Average Annual Rainfall in Denver is 15.4 inches

  14. Average Annual Snowfall in Denver is 55.4 inches

  15. Average February Temperature in Denver is 33 degrees F

  16. Average August Temperature in Denver is 72 degrees F

  17. Denver has an average of 300+ Sunshine Days

  18. Major Industries of Denver are Communications, Utilities, Transportation

  19. Denver City Guide
  20. Denver plays a large part in the beat poetry movement. Jack Kerouac owned a home in the Denver suburm of Lakewood and part of his beat masterpiece On The Road is set in the city. Beat poet Allen Ginsberg also lived in Denver for a brief time.

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