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Nowadays, the number of schools in the United States alone has been on the rise; be it a private or a public school. Due to the increase in the population, especially that of the productive age, the need to attend a great school or university has been also increasing. Another reason for the increase in the number of national universities is that over population in certain universities has already become a problem.

In Bakersfield, California alone, there is already some number of universities which are located in the said area. Some of the known universities from Bakersfield include: California State University Bakersfield, National University (Bakersfield), Devry University Bakersfield, Fresno Pacific University Bakersfield Center, and the University of La Verne. The different universities, just like any other university, have their good and bad sides; and of course, they also have their corresponding programs as well as fees.

California State University - This California State University is the only campus which offers a four-year degree-granting that is found within a 100-mile radius. The universityís main campus is located in Bakersfield, California and it covers about 375 acres in land area. The California State University offers undergraduate studies both on-site and online; it also offers programs in Business and Public Administration, Education, Humanities and Social Sciences, and Natural Sciences and Mathematics; it also offers graduate studies including different masters degree programs like Health Care Management, Master of Social Work, etc; as well as online graduate programs like MSA Organizational Administration, M.A. Administration, and M.A Educ: Curriculum and Instr. This university is also known to offer different scholarships as well as student programs which vary according to the abilities of the different students who are interested. Furthermore, student fees which include food, housing transportation, miscellaneous, books, other supplies, as well as undergrad fees range from $14,586 up to $19,506; as for the tuition fee for non-resident or foreign students they are asked to pay for an additional $248.00 per unit. California State University contact details are: (661)654-CSUB.

National University (Bakersfield) - The National University (Bakersfield) is a non- profit, private institution which is known to be the second-largest university in California. The National University (Bakersfield) offers programs in Business and Management, Education, Engineering and Technology, Health and Human Services, Media and Communication, and Letters and Sciences; it also offers extended learning as well as online education on the said programs. When applying in this university, you can have an option of applying online or on-site. Students are also eligible to be included in the financial aid list in order to either defer or even delay the costs of their schooling as well as the other related expenses; the different financial aids include scholarships, loans, as well as grants. Interested students can contact the National University (Bakersfield) through the Human Resources phone: (858) 642-8195 or you can check their website.

Devry University Bakersfield - The Devry University Bakersfield is one of the well-known universities in California. It is a university which offers different programs including Business and Management, Engineering and Information Sciences, Health Sciences, Liberal Arts and Sciences, and Media Arts and Technology. Special programs including associate, bachelorís, and masterís degree are also being offered in this university. Online options are also offered in case a student is interested so study with Devry University Bakersfield but s/he does not have the resources to pay for miscellaneous fees in school. Fees collected by the school range from $550-$570 per credit hour, for 1-11 hours and $330-$340 per credit hour, for 12 hours and above. The Devry University Bakersfield can be contacted through phone: 1-866-338-7934; interested applicants can also visit the universityís website.

Fresno Pacific University Bakersfield Center - The Fresno Pacific University Bakersfield Center is known to offer accelerated programs both in bachelorís and masterís degree. The classroom of this university are said to be equipped with the latest technology in order to enhance learning, thus, encouraging more and more students to be involved. The Fresno Pacific University Bakersfield Center is also known to offer different types of services which include financial services like grants, loans, and scholarships; Internet access is also now being advertised as the new inclusion in their advanced set up. This university offers programs both in the undergraduate and graduate levels; online courses and degrees are now also being offered. The Fresno Pacific University Bakersfield Center can be contacted through phone: (559) 453-2000 or you can check out their website.

University of La Verne - The University of La Verne in Bakersfield, California was established in 1999; its goal was to support the different working professionals found within the Kern County area with their academic goals by offering the different health administration, education, business, and other degree programs. The university is also known to offer online courses which usually consist of the different general education subjects, as well as a few chosen degree programs. Like the other universities found in Bakersfield, this school also offers scholarships, grants, as well as loans for those students who are highly in need of financial support in order to finish their studies. For further information, the University of La Verne can be contacted through phone: 661 328 1430; or interested applicants can visit the official website of the university.

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These are but some of the universities located in Bakersfield, California. There are more available schools or learning institutions including the different colleges which students can choose from.

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